The Fields City International School

The Fields City International School

Some of the students at The Fields City International School.

The Fields City International School was started with the purpose of reaching the influencers in our community through discipling their children. The school setting made this possible since most influencers had closed their doors and minds towards the Church. But realizing that touching the child’s life meant we could touch the parents’ lives as well.

We started in 2014 as a kindergarten because we believe that a good foundation for a child guarantees that the child will stay on the same course so that we would be able to transform our country (Proverbs 22:6). We were located in Kirombe, when the church shifted to another location it availed space, in the former church offices, we renovated them and by the end of the first year we had 20 students.

We started with the Ugandan curriculum which was cheaper and preferred by most parents since it’s what they were familiar with. But we integrated it with a curriculum donated by the USA –it was Christian based and ran in line with our goal to integrate critical thinking into our learners’ lives.

With time we learned that most influencers fancied the school but not its location so we started thinking of relocation, we had 58 students at the time and our school could only accommodate 50 students. Finding the available spaces was a challenge they were too costly for us at the time. We were then hit by the global COVID – 19 global pandemic which was a blessing in disguise for us as we got more time to think, research better curriculum, re-strategize and make our school better.

The school is already achieving our focus of reaching influencers.

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After COVID we stayed closed for another year and we acquired our new property through donations at the current church premises. The transition affected us positively in such a way that we adopted the ACE curriculum, got to train our staff in it, we got to register our school in Ugandan and South Africa so that we are able to educate children internationally. We resized and rebranded from just a kindergarten to an international school that goes all the way up to high school. We were also affected negatively because we lost all our students due to this transition and we has start from scratch.

We reopened this year in February with 13 students that are fully paying their tuition and we now have 15students. The school is already achieving our focus of reaching influencers because they’re allowing their children to attend our school and this will in turn enable us to reach the rest of their family. Growth is happening really fast.

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