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Pr. Alex, Pr. Martha and Phionah at the relaunch of missional communities this year.

The mission of The City Churches is to disciple and empower people for transformation in Jesus' name.

Our focus this year is discipleship so we are embarking on getting all our church members to become part of a missional community and cause others to join.

Missional communities are families through which our church grows, each member is assigned a zone and a zonal pastor according to their home address.

Missional communities are families through which our church grows.

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When these missional communities meet every Thursday, they share snacks, play games, and most importantly share the word of God and Holy Communion together.

To make these meetings more productive, a team of coordinators and pastors respond to any questions the church might have in regards to the sermon from the

previous weekend and this is made possible through the live broadcast via YouTube, Facebook, and television.

This helps the church to digest, pray about and act on the word of God.

All our 4 locations are continuing to grow; increasing in membership and impact in the community as a result of the existence of missional communities.

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