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Prosper's Transformation Story.


Asaba Prosper is a 13 year old girl in Senior one, currently living at Hope House. Her birthday is on 3rd January. Prosper joined Hope house this year in May following the realization that her performance was not good due to the fact that she was studying from the village. The child sponsorship program (Africa Renewal Ministries, a partner of The City Church) and the church saw it fit to bring her to Kampala and change her school to help her performance. With no relatives to stay with in Kampala, she joined Hope House.

Prosper is doing so much better now.

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Prosper is doing so much better now. She's made friends, she's growing spiritually and is now a part of the teens' choir at The City Church. Prosper is performing better in school and is headed for her dream to become an actress. We praise the Lord for the young lady Prosper is growing into.

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