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A decade of Discipleship and Empowerment for Transformation in Jesus' name

Ebenezer! Thus far the Lord has brough us.

The year 2024 marked a significant milestone for The City Church as we celebrated our 10th anniversary! The journey of our church began with the call placed upon our ministry leaders, Pr. Alex and Faith Mutagubya, by their spiritual parents to lead a struggling church in Luzira, then known as Luzira Community Church. Faced with a leadership crisis, they made the courageous decision to dismantle the existing leadership structure and start afresh. Though this move initially caused discomfort and led to a decline in attendance, they persevered. Joined by dedicated individuals who believed in their vision, a pivotal moment came in 2013 when the church was rebranded as The City Church following a relocation from the challenging conditions of the slum where the church was previously located. For a decade, The City Church has been faithfully serving, discipling and empowering people for transformation in Jesus' name.

Celebrating a Decade of discipling and empowering people for Transformation in Jesus' name

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During the celebration, our spiritual father, Pastor Peter Kasirivu shared a profound message, reminding us to reflect on the journey—the tears, sacrifices, financial investments, resilience, and hard work that brought us to this point. Emphasizing the need to acknowledge that our progress is not solely by our efforts but by God's grace, he encouraged us to declare, "Ebenezer!"

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